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3 Ways of Overcoming Fraudulent Activities with SMS Activation

Online messaging platforms have moved traditional texting from the pedestal. With the facility of fast internet connection and instant messaging apps, more and more people prefer to use online messaging platforms like SMS-man to communicate. And while SMS was about to vanish, SMS activation saved the situation. At sms-man.com/, you will find three business cases where SMS verification has improved the security of apps and has allowed the business to fight against online scams effortlessly.

1. User Registrations

Growing businesses are attacked with registration requests. To minimize the number of unauthenticated or fake users, you need to verify the identity first. Traditional password-based authentication happens to be inefficient and insecure before. Any fake user with multiple email IDs can easily cause numerous user registrations to spam the system. Asking users to register with their phone number allows you to filter potential spam during the registration phase.

2. Password Reset

To make the passwords more secure, many sites encourage users to create complex, lengthy, and unique passwords. With SMS verification, it becomes hard to crack the password. Sending an OTP code on the connected phone number minimizes the chances of fraud and scams. It also makes the password reset routine much easier for genuine users. Every time they want to reset a password, a simple SMS with OTP codes will be enough.

3. Two-step Verification

According to the official statistics, 65% of people use the same passwords for registration on different resources. As you can guess, 90% of passwords can be easily cracked within 6 hours. Stealing passwords and hacking into accounts is not a hard thing to do for hackers.

Two-step SMS verification serves as an additional security layer. Once you enter a password, you need to enter the OTP code received in an SMS. Every OTP is generated upon request and remains valid for a brief period of time. For example, Google has implemented two-factor authentication as a way of preventing user accounts from suspicious activities.

To stand against critical and sensitive scams, the implementation of SMS activation and verification happens to be a significant step. It reaffirms every single operation before the next important decision. Moreover, it leaves no time and information for third parties to break into the system.