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Advantages of Text Editor Microsoft Word

Who among us does not know about such a wonderful text editor Word, developed by a well-known corporation Microsoft? Almost every person uses it daily. This utility is firmly established in our lives and is currently installed on the computers of all enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and just numerous users. After all, this text editor has long established itself as a reliable and flexible tool for working with text. Most like that it is easy to edit documents here compared to other formats, though even PDF can be edited today with a special converter. You can get text from PDF spending less than a minute. That's why the possibility to edit text isn't the main one Word has. Lets's consider the format peculiarities in more detail.

You can do almost anything in it: print and check the text for errors, format it according to your preferences, insert a picture, chart or table and much more. At the moment, there are many different versions of the text editor Microsoft Word: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, but the most common versions are still 2003 and 2007, which are installed on computers of many large companies.

What Great Features Does Microsoft Word Have?

In particular, due to the fact that users are accustomed to these versions, as they are most optimized and convenient for everyday tasks. In later versions, many do not like the fact that many buttons are hidden, literally, it is not clear where, and the interface is completely changed. Although many observant users notice that the versions from 2010 and, especially, 2013 have become much smarter, correcting many grammatical and punctuation errors on their own.

In the text editor Microsoft Word, there is also such an interesting function as creating templates for various documents. In other words, if by the nature of your business you need to periodically print many identical documents, then you can always create a special template using which you simply fill out your documents. That is why Word is used on the computers of enterprises of those firms that need to work with a large number of documents.

Text editor Word is an indispensable tool for writing texts, formatting them and then printing. And, frankly, Microsoft Word is quite common because of the good advertising of its creator. But, It is worth noting that this text editor differs from the rest of its competitors in functionality, user-friendly interface and, undoubtedly, great opportunities in terms of working with text. Therefore, if you need a functional text editor, be sure to pay attention to Microsoft Word. Check all pros and cons of Word in more detail here.