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LoL Heroes You Should Learn More About

How often did you come across situations when the appearance of a character in the game made your blood boil? How often at the sight of a certain hero did you think “oh no, only not he/she”? Here, there is a list of the heroes whom some players hate most of all while others love them passionately. Before trying your hand at betting https://lolbettings.com/, you are recommended to check the most popular LoL heroes.


One of the oldest champions in the game, and one of the easiest midies in terms of skill mechanics. Recently, Riot Games have released a very beautiful video with the story of Annie, where the child of darkness appears as a little offended girl who lost her family. All this, of course, is very cute, but does not correspond to the frightening image of the character in the game, which does not give you life and giggles bitterly every time it stuns you with waves of fire. Few people know that Annie is considered to be one of the best mid-level for raising the rank - so, at least, considers LS, a pro-player and analyst. And if your team cannot coordinate and turn its line phase into hell, and in battle it gives you the opportunity to get to the teammates, then we have bad news for you.


Imagine the picture: you are Malzahar. He defended his line perfectly, a couple of minutes ago once again sent the enemy midier to the base with his feet ahead, you have three slots and 200 for 20. Walking through the forest until the next (enemy) blue gain, you happen to meet there Caitlin who is on the go. Three options for the outcome of events: Caitlin will die for two skills. Caitlin will die for two skills + absolute ability. Caitlin will jump on the lump and run away. Choose Soraka yourself, collect the Warmog's Armor and something else useful, and enjoy life helping the teammates.


It’s hard to imagine how a character who came out just a few months ago can get the whole community so quickly. But Zoe in this field obviously succeeded. Since the release, she has been literally everywhere, but the worst thing is: everywhere there were its sparkles, stars, and other sparkles that cause a ton of damage at a great distance.

Lee Sin

A character who literally stumbles you to death. Good Li Sina each Q will certainly hit the target, and in the arsenal there are always totems and absolute skill with which he will throw you into the crowd of enemies and watch you die. Unless, of course, you drove off in flight. A blind monk has great mobility, he has control, a shield, a lot of damage and in general he is one of the most balanced champions in the League of Legends. Some people think that it is useless in the late game, but firstly, it is not so, and secondly ... Who said that you will live to see it? In addition, the players on this character in your team have “Lee Sin syndrome”: if his Q hits the target, he will definitely fly on it, regardless of whether this decision is wise or threatens him with certain death.

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