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Guidelines for Beginners at Dota 2

When you make up your mind for Dota 2 bet, you might feel confused. You don’t know where to start, what to do, and how to act. Meanwhile, your opponents don’t care that you are a beginner. Before starting a serious game and striving for real money, you should learn some basics of a successful gaming routine at Dota 2. In other words, the more you know about Dota 2, the better gaming routine you can expect. By following these simple rules, you increase your chances of a successful experience.

Get some practice through the tutorial

Dota 2 provides newcomers with a tutorial option so that everyone can have some practice before deciding on a serious game. As soon as you learn characters and principles of work, you will be able to check what you are actually good at and what skills need to be improved.

Get assistance of a coach

To make sure that you are doing things right from the very beginning, it wouldn’t hurt to get some piece of advice from a person who knows it all. Once you find a coach, you can ask him or her as many questions as possible. Today, there are a few online resources such as Steam where you can find professional coaches.

Follow online guides

On the official homepage, there is a guide menu, consisting of player-written and rated guides for every character of Dota 2. More and more players prefer the guides left by Purge, because it contains different tactics for heroes in bot matches. At the same time, guides aren't static resources to follow.

Follow the recommendations of experienced players

The best way to succeed at Dota 2 is by learning from experienced players. In a matter of time, they mastered the game by having lots of tricks to share with others. Remember that people are eager to help you if you are a part of the team.

Choose support characters

You should get familiar with the major characters at Dota 2, especially you focus on support characters. Support heroes tend to help the stronger damage-dealing heroes. This type of heroes is suitable for beginners, as it needs less knowledge and skills to be applied.

Look outside the game

While leaving Dota 2 community, you will be able to learn many useful things for your Dota 2 experience. Professional opponents will show you how to choose and play characters that you never know, and recommend you some winning strategies to apply once or twice. All this new information will make up the basis for your personal development as an excellent player in Dota 2.