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Nuru massage, what exactly is it and how it can help you maintain good health

Though still a relatively recent phenomenon, the nuru massage nevertheless managed to inscribe itself – at least vaguely, into public consciousness. Still, there’s never a shortage of new things to learn about this wondrous procedure. Whether you already know something about it (or perhaps you’ve already tried one) or are completely in the dark, this article will undoubtedly help to clarify some important things to you…

Nuru massage – the basic overview

As you might already know, the origins of this particular rubdown can be traced to Japan, where erotically charged physiotherapy boast a centuries old tradition. The contemporary nuru, however, is a 20 th century invention, arising from the post-WW2 “soapland” massage parlours. These sprang up in reaction to the prostitution ban in Japan.

But enough history. ( If you’d like to learn more details, you can read this extract from a book on Japanese society online ). The word nuru can be translated as “slippery” and refers to the various techniques of body to body contact and sliding, which culminate in the client’s “happy ending”. This makes nuru perhaps the most erotically exciting massage of all. Some people even go as far as to call it the “sex without sex”! The key component of this rubdown, without which it couldn’t be possible, is the fabled nuru gel, which we’re going to talk about next.

Without the nuru gel, this procedure would not be possible

This particular gel is mixed with water for optimal consistency. There are several ingredients which make it, the most important one being the deep water seaweed “Nori”, harvested off the coast of Japan. The other additional ingredients may include aloe, grapefruit or herb extracts. Altogether, this gel not only fulfils its purpose as a slippery substance, but it also has multiple beneficial effects on your skin. Seaweed is simply a miracle for your health.

Not only exciting, but good for your health as well

While people look for nuru mostly with erotic pleasure in mind, this procedure can offer them not just that, but also additional benefits to their health, including:

  • Improving the blood flow / circulation
  • Killing stress and elevating the mood
  • Help with losing weight
  • Helps with premature ejaculation problem
  • Moisturising and cleansing your skin

So, what if you want to try it yourselves?

If you really wish to try it, then the best choice for you is to book an appointment at one of the erotic massage parlours in your vicinity which provide it – within seconds of opening your browser, you could undoubtedly find dozens of results! These days, it’s absolutely not a problem to find such a place. Even in countries where these kind of services are officially banned, authorities tend to look the other way most of the time. That’s not to encourage you to break the law, of course!

Ok, so what actually happens once you’ve ordered it?

Typically, you’ll lie down naked on a special massaging mattress, or a bed covered with waterproof sheet. Next, the therapist will prepare the gel, adding warm water to it until it reaches the right temperature and consistency. Then, she will cover her naked body with the gel before applying it on yours as well.

You can expect the girl to employ her whole body with the sole goal of providing you as much pleasure and relaxation as possible without engaging in direct sex. There are many different moves and plenty of sliding, rubbing and touching involved, all with the purpose of ridding you of tension, relaxing your muscles and providing you with some truly intensive orgasm.

So, that was a basic overview of the nuru treatment for you!

What do you think of the so-called “erotic massages”? Do you know any other than nuru? Do you perhaps have a direct experience with them? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment!