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Things to Know about a Chernobyl Tour

What do you think of going on a real adventure? How about visiting deserted places with a sad background? Unforgettable guided tours Chernobyl seems to be a great option!

Let’s say you are looking for rare experiences. The trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a destination not to be skipped. It is a must-see place for any adventure junkie. So, it should be on your list of places to see before you die.

While dark tourism is growing into a huge trend, Chernobyl has started getting much attention. The recent miniseries produced by HBO have contributed to the popularization of the “ghost” city among local and foreign tourists. So what is so special about Chernobyl and why should you visit it today? To find out the details, keep reading!

What do you actually know about the Chernobyl incident?

The accident has turned into one of the biggest nuclear catastrophes in the world. It has influenced not only the Soviet Ukraine, but the whole Soviet Union and Europe. Today, the Chernobyl disaster still keeps some questions without fulfilling answers:

  • What was the real reason for the explosion at the nuclear plant?
  • Why did not the Soviet government start the evacuation too late?
  • What dreadful issues did liquidators face?
  • Do people live in the Exclusion Zone permanently these days?

With one of the Chernobyl guided tours, you can get the true answers to these and many other questions. There are many agencies that are helping people book the most advanced trips to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Tourists are usually offered full packages, including transportation, guidance, and accommodation. This is all you have to explore 30 km territory within one or two days. And these are the things you should pay attention to during the tour:

  • Chernobyl Power Plant features the new sarcophagus of 4th reactor, which is one of the most amazing engineering constructions established in 2017. It is 165 meters high and weights almost 36 thousand tons.
  • “Ghost” villages with self-settlers who decided to stay in Chernobyl or near the city.
  • The Red forest that died after getting a super high radiation dose.
  • Pripyat, a town located near Chernobyl, with abandoned buildings , mournful playgrounds, and the Ferris wheel.
  • Secret military objects like a large radar station near Pripyat.

As you can guess, there are more than enough reasons to head for Chernobyl tours. With the right agency, you won’t have to worry about anything. All services will be included in the final price. Importantly, you don’t have to worry about your 100% radiation safety. Some places in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are still dangerous, while others are open for visitors. Professional guides will provide you with dosimeters and respirators, which will let you take the trip under control. Dosimetric control is conducted every few hours.

During your wycieczka Czarnobyl , you will have a lot of things to do. Make sure you find the best guide available in the market. Once you are on the trip, you will have the following things to try out:

  • Gain some useful skills of survival in a radioactive accident required for every member of technogenic society.
  • Have live communication with Chernobyl’s local people and discover their lifestyle in 30 km abandoned Zone.
  • Have a weird Roadside Picnic that is usually included in price.
  • Take a great number of photos afterward and get lots of bright memories to share with your family and friends upon your arrival!
  • Take the chance to feed huge catfishes in the cooling pond!

As you can guess, Chernobyl is a great place to have an unusual adventure. Take it or break it! It’s up to you to decide!